KLÄD APPAREL is a collection of modern womenswear featuring industrial finishes on elegant, beautifully crafted garments

Beautiful Things

What determines the composition of your wardrobe? Comfort, ease of wear, appreciation of style? KLÄD apparel beautifully fits those criteria with a sincere appreciation of the human body and what clothing can do to enhance it's natural beauty.

Style & Quality

We believe wholeheartedly in the significance of price per wear, and want KLÄD garments to be an investment in a high quality, functional, and versatile addition to your wardrobe. 

Custom & Handmade

We all know how great it is to find a deal on a cheap article of clothing, but what does a 10$ t-shirt cost the environment and our future? Low quality low cost items are often manufactured over seas with materials that have already circled the globe twice. What do we do to start repairing the wrongs of disposal fashion? BUY LOCAL, HANDMADE GOODS. If you are interested in custom ordering any piece or have an idea for a custom piece shoot us an email with your current measurements and we will get started.

Dressing is a way of life
— Yves Saint Laurent


Is every day a battle with the pile of wrinkled clothing in the back of your closet? Let KLÄD help take a tangled mess to a functional, streamlined wardrobe, full of things that fit you beautifully. Open up your closet, we will find the garments that make your personal beauty shine. 

  • In Home Wardrobe Assessment and Style Consultation $50/hr (appr. 2 hr session) Work one on one with a KLÄD stylist to outline your personal style needs and goals. We will take a look at your existing wardrobe, weed out the items that are no longer earning their keep, and help create cohesive outfits from the clothing you already own. 
  • Styling To-Go $60/hr take a KLÄD Stylist on the road with you. We will guide you through stores we know will suit your style and fill the holes we found in your initial wardrobe assessment. 
  • Shop From Home $60/hr We bring style options to the comfort of your own home. Client and Stylist will come up with a budget for new additions to the wardrobe, and the stylist hits the road for you. Keep what you like, we will return the rest for you. 
  • Special Event Styling (rates vary) Are you looking for a specific item for a special event? contact KLÄD stylists at KLADapparel@gmail.com and we can arrange a budget and timeline catered to your needs